Our PTO is made up of hard-working parent volunteers & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. We are currently accepting new volunteers for the PTO Board and Committee Chairs for the 2018-2019 School Year. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is PTO?

A: PTO stands for Parent-Teacher Organization. The PTO works closely with administration and staff to provide funding and practical support for the school. Through PTO fundraising, OPES receives financial support for Clubs, Teacher Grants & Classroom Supplies, Teacher Appreciation Week, School Beautification, Literacy Initiatives, Technology Upgrades, Related Arts Supplies, Family Nights, One School One Book and so much more!


Do we really need a PTO?

A: The short answer is, yes! Without funding initiatives from the PTO, there would not be money for any of the necessary things listed above.


What positions are there for PTO?

A: There are four official positions, but the more that sign on, the merrier. Current open positions for 2018-2019 school year are President, Vice President and Secretary. Consider co-chairing with another interested friend to share the work and have twice as much fun.  


Can you describe each position?

A: Sure! Here goes:


President- Presides over all meetings. Performs other such duties as assigned by the organization (i.e. helping fill volunteer spots during events as needed, etc). Coordinating the work of the officers (i.e. VP, Secretary and Treasurer). Serve as an authorized signatory of all PTO accounts. 


Vice President- Attends all PTO Meetings. In the event that the President is unable to attend, the Vice President will preside. Should the President be unable to complete his/her term, the VP would assume office of the President. Also serves as an authorized signatory on all PTO accounts. 


Secretary- Attends all PTO meetings. Distributes a summary of the minutes from the last meeting. In the event that the President and Vice President are unable to attend a meeting, the Secretary will preside. Is responsible for correspondence between PTO and Parents. Is Custodian of Records and Seal of Corporation. 


Treasurer- Attends all PTO meetings. Manages PTO finances and bank reconciliation. Serves as an authorized signatory on all PTO accounts. 


What are the Time Commitments associated with PTO?

A: That depends on how much time you put in and what your events for the year will look like.  Over the course of this year, we chose to mostly stick to event guidelines set before us by the previous PTO. We learned a lot from the year and would be happy to provide further advice if you choose to become part of PTO. You'll also have assistance from the Committees and Chairs overseeing various departments such as Hospitality, Sprit Wear and Book It, so time commitments can be shared in many ways that benefit everyone. 


I'm still unsure whether this is the right fit for me. 

A: Still unsure? Come check out a PTO meeting. We'd be happy to speak more about PTO in person.







Interested in joining? Contact us!





 Teacher Representatives: 

Committee Chairpersons 2018-19


Beautification (Interior/Exterior)- *OPEN


Birthday Lunches- Megan Watson megangrahamwatson@gmail.com


Book Fair (Spring 2018)-  Kelly McCarty


Book It Reading Rewards/Literacy- Kelly McCarty/ Libby Egan libbyegan@gmail.com


Chess Club- Paul Kowalski paul.kowalski@pkbuilders.com


Decorations- Ashli Welsh


Hospitality/Teacher Luncheons- OPEN


Marketing/Sponsorship- OPEN


Special Events- Danielle Campolo 


Spirit Wear/School Store- Cindy Slafka ctslafka@gmail.com and Jennifer Lumpkin jennifer.lumpkin@yahoo.com


Spirit Nights- OPEN


School Kidz Supply Kits- OPEN


Teacher Appreciation Week/Room Parent Coordinator- Elizabeth Wigginton



Wee Deliver- OPEN


Website Manager- Jennifer Bosse jensthebosse@gmail.com



Interested in lending your talents to lead a Committee? Please contact us opespto@gmail.com


Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events



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