President - Brandi Jansen


  • The principal executive officer of the organization, subject to the counsel of the Executive Board, and the direction of the organization.
  • Interfaces with committee chairs, parents, teachers, staff, administration 
  • Conducts meetings
  • Oversees committees, facilitates as required
  • Signs financial documents as needed by Treasurer 
  • Supervises all activities of the organization. 
  • Presides at all meetings of the organization and all meetings of the Executive Board.
  • Coordinates, with the Vice President, the establishment of committees in order that the PTO objectives and mission may be promoted.
  • Establishes ad hoc committees as needed to fulfill the objectives and mission of the PTO. 
  • Develops an agenda for all General Membership and Executive Board meetings and provides to the Secretary at least 3 days in advance of any meeting. 
  • Performs such other duties as prescribed in these bylaws or assigned by the organization. 



Co-Vice Presidents - Rachel Burrell and Penny Berry



  • Assists President  
  • Conducts meeting in President’s absence  
  • Coordinates volunteers for all miscellaneous events via the Teacher Liaison(s)
  • Coordinates child care volunteers for meetings
  • Signs financial documents as needed by Treasurer in the absence of the President 
  • Act as an aid to the President and perform the duties of the President in her absence or inability to serve. 
  • Work with the President to coordinate volunteers for each committee, and work with the committee chairs to make sure they understand their duties, PTO objectives, and the PTO mission. 
  • Perform such other duties as are assigned by the President or the Executive Board.
  • Ensures class volunteers and provides communication for each homeroom for PTO events
  • Coordinates activities and flow of all information between Executive Board and teachers/staff
  • Communicates to staff in advance of teacher luncheons.
  • Updates and maintains the staff “favorite things” document on membership toolkit, works with Communications Chair as needed for website updates.
  • Updates and maintains staffing numbers ex. homeroom, related arts, support staff etc. 
  • Works with Events Chair for Teacher Appreciation Week and Birthday Lunches  
  • Coordinates enrichment activities monthly (established by president and principal 2nd Tues)
  • Coordinates Classroom Volunteers (2 per class desired) - To cover teacher specific needs ex. copying, class parties, and PTO liaison duties.



Treasurer - Lisa Bracken


  • Maintains PTO’s books 
  • Establishes and formalizes the annual budget with PTO board 
  • Maintains financial PTO documents and records including IRS/State tax status 
  • Pays bills and reconciles invoices 
  • Has charge of and is responsible for all funds of the organization and shall receive and give receipts for monies due and payable to the organization from all sources and shall deposit such funds in such bank as selected by the Executive Board. 
  • Makes disbursements as authorized by the Board in accordance with the budget adopted by the Board. 
  • Has checks signed by two persons. The Treasurer as well as the President and the Vice- Presidents shall have check signing privileges. No one shall sign a check made out to oneself.
  • Keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures and present a financial statement at every Board meeting and at other times when requested by the Executive Board. 
  • As the outgoing Treasurer, makes a full financial report at the first Board meeting at which new officers officially assume their duties. 
  • Utilizes software being employed for financial record keeping for the monthly reconciliations.
  • Has the accounts examined annually or upon a change of Treasurer by a financial professional. Further, all recommendations and findings of said professional must be presented to the Board for formal consideration of adopting any recommendations or changes. This professional’s advice will also be sought in regards to the group’s annual tax return in order to avoid penalties for incorrect filings with the IRS. 
  • Prepares and presents the preliminary PTO budget, as prescribed in Article VIII, Section 1 and presents any adjustments to the budget thereafter.
  • Creates and publishes the monthly report of income and expenses.
  • Performs all duties incident to the office of Treasurer and such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Board. 
  • Withdraws funds from the account(s) by check only. No cash withdrawals will be permitted. No reimbursement will be made by cash, all will be made by check.
  • Ensures checks are not written to officers, per recommendation of CPA., Bobby Palmer
  • Notice must be emailed to all Board Members within 24 hours of use or intended use of the OPES PTO Debit Card. Said expenditures cannot exceed $100 unless prior approval is received. 




Co-Secretaries - Jenny Nemecek and Jenilee Matz


  • Generate meeting agendas 
  • Record, type, print, and distribute minutes at general/board meetings
  • Maintain non-financial PTO documents and records 
  • Maintain and update PTO email account and respond to parent inquiries, forward emails/ notify appropriate board members 
  • Work with Communications Chair to update PTO webpage 
  • Ensure dates for meetings, special events, etc. are on PTO calendar and are shareable to OPES administration.
  • Attend all PTO Board meetings and maintain minutes of the proceedings of the General Membership and the Executive Board. This shall include posting them on the website within one week of a meeting. 
  • See that all notices are fully given in accordance with these by-Iaws. 
  • Keep a current copy of the bylaws available at all meetings. 
  • Distribute copies of the minutes to the members of the Board. 
  • Keep a copy of Robert’s Rule of Order. 
  • Work with the President to prepare and post the agenda at least 3 days prior to the meeting.
  • Make appropriate updates to Facebook status.
  • Ensure PTO website is kept current. 
  • Perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary and such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Board. 



Communications Chair - Jennifer Bosse


  • Maintains social media accounts
  • Maintains membership toolkit (ie. spirit rock sign-ups, encourage parent participation, update docs etc.)
  • Email noteworthy news to school board members, parents, teachers, staff, admin
  • Emails/videos noteworthy news to school board members, parents, teachers, staff, admin
  • Promotes all PTO events and endeavors 
  • Update school admin on PTO contribution for weekly email blast 
  • Works with the PR Coordinator to manage branding and communications to parents and community
    • PR Coordinator - sub-chair role (open)
      • Takes and/or collects photos from teachers for social media outlets showing students/teachers utilizing and enjoying resources, experiences sponsored/provided by PTO ex. teacher breakfasts, events, field trips, STEAM Dreams initiatives, classroom tools, spirit nights, boosterthon
      • Utilizes instagram or other appropriate social media outlets to promote PTO activities
      • Includes sponsorships promos monthly in rotation
      • Develops hashtag campaign for parents/staff to share their photos at events.
      • Works closely with Communications Chair to meet objectives



Fundraising Chair - Erinn Connolly


  • Secures, markets,  and maintains community partners/sponsorship commitments
  • Ensures sponsorships are acknowledged via certificates, advertising, and are promoted on social media, works with Communications Chair to coordinate appropriate coverage.
  • Boosterthon - Mainly outsourced, but ensures all PTO involvement is covered
  • Oversees fundraising activities and coordinates with sub-chairs:
  • Box tops - Lisa Anderson
  • Raffles - Open 
  • Spirit Wear - Open
  • School Store - Elizabeth Bradley
  • School Kitz - Stephanie Zivic



Events Chair - (Open)


  • Works closely with Volunteers Chair to secure volunteers as needed for events
  • Establishes a decorations sub-committee chair for each event
  • Oversees event sub-committee chair(s) (per event) 
  • Plans and oversees PTO fall and spring events (Boosterthon (works with Fundraising Chair), Winter Dance, Talent and Art Showcase, etc.)
  • Oversees all functions of the event: fliers, scheduling, sales/money collection, etc. Works with Communications Chair to promote events. 
  • Plans and hosts events throughout the year (family fun evenings, back-to-school social, staff appreciation, staff birthday lunches etc. 
  • Back to School Bash - Kingsley Family Night (Sept) - Brandi and Erinn 
  • One School, One Book/Literacy Night (January) - Open
  • Brightstar Production - Mostly Outsourced (Feb) 
  • Winter Dance (Feb) - Danielle Campolo & Amy O'Toole
  • Talent Showcase /Art Gallery (March) - Open
  • Teacher Appreciation week - Elizabeth Wigginton
  • Birthday Lunches (Monthly) - Megan Watson
  • 5th Grade Promotion Celebration (if applicable) - Open
  • Earth Day/School Beautification (if applicable)- Open
  • Soarin’ Sounds Concert (if applicable)- Open
  • Battle of the Books- Colleen Seres
  • Clubs as needed (ex. Chess Club Tournament)- Open
  • Other PTO funded events as developed
    • Decorations Sub-Committee: Valerie White & Jackie Bohli  
      • Works with Events Chair to coordinate additional volunteers as needed to decorate for Special Events
      • Works with Treasurer to ensure decorations stay within allotted budget for each event                                               




  Volunteers Chair - (open)


  • Create and maintain Sign-up Geniuses as needed for events/PTO board needs
  • Utilize Beta Club members for volunteer needs like child watch at PTO meetings, decorations help etc. (Vice President has this responsibility for PTO meetings)
  • Recruit new members
  • Develop and implement strategies for welcoming new members 
  • Promotes and achieves awareness of membership benefits 



Community Outreach Chair- Cathy Kowalski, Wendy Santwier & Heather Vandenbosch


  • Continues and promotes ongoing OPES service projects
  • Develops new service projects as desired/needed
  • Pick-A-Feather (Nov)
  • Angel Tree (Dec)
  • Backpack Buddies (idea for food/clothing insecure - work with Guidance)
  • Go Gold for Pediatric cancer (Bandaid and Play Doh drive) (Sept)



Interested in lending your talents to lead a Committee? Please contact us



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